Female domination


This portrait plays around with the male and female gaze and swaps around the domination role during sex. A submissive male and dominant female is rarely seen in photography and cinematography but off the screen, this situation for many can be very real. The male model is looking genuinely scared and in some pain from the sharp heel on his chest.

I would expect to see this portrait under a ‘Secret Fantasies’ section in a magazine such as FHM or Nuts aimed for a sexually active audience between 18 and 30.

With the limitations of not having anyone available to press the shutter, I had to settle for a self-timer. This meant a lot of time was wasted and the photoshoot could have lasted half the time. I also had the limitation of not being able to get the camera low enough on the tripod so i had to use DVD cases to prop the camera up.

I used handcuffs to show no escape for the male model and sparkly high heels for the female to show glamour and dominance. I intended to have the photo orientated to portrait to include the long legs of the dominant female. I think the legs was all that was needed in the female as it is the expression in the male models face that the attention gets focussed on.

I noticed the carpet had lines going one way along it and positioned the model and the camera along the lines so the viewers eye gets lead along the carpet towards the model.